Valley Lake South Park Temporary Closure Valley Lake Stormwater Improvements Project

As part of the Lake County Stormwater Management-led Valley Lake Stormwater Improvements Project (in which the Wildwood Park District is a local sponsor); Valley Lake South Park off of Mill Road will be temporarily closed due to the beginning of construction on the redesign of the storm drain inlet plunge pool at the south end of Valley Lake. This temporary closure will be effective starting Tuesday, September 5th. The parking lot off of Mill Road into the park will be coned off  and reserved for the contractor’s parking and equipment access and “no parking” signs will be erected. Construction items that will be placed on-site in the park include frames, grates, and miscellaneous equipment. Aggregate and loose material will not be stored in the park at this time. As a result of the construction, the contractor will be temporarily removing parts of the park posts/cables and an informational sign off of the Mill Road side of the park to gain access to the construction zone in the park.  Temporary fencing will be erected by the contractor around the construction area in order to mark off the rest of the park from the primary work area.

Once the project is complete, the contractor will be responsible for the restoration of any grass and re-installation of posts/cables in the park that may arise from carrying out the work involved in the project.

The construction zone and equipment staging areas will not be in the way of the playground. For patron safety, we ask that patrons seeking to use the park from the Greentree Rd. side of the park exercise caution in this area.

As a reminder, this section of the project and the larger project scope as a whole can be found on our Capital Projects and Planning Page under “Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements Project” near the bottom of the page. This part of the project will help with enhanced water quality improvements with the excavation and rebuilding of the enclosed stormwater inflow area along with new native plantings to filter stormwater before it enters Valley Lake.  Detailed PDF’s of the design plans can also be found on that page and here: Valley South Plunge Pool Retrofit. Please direct further questions to, the Warren Township Highway Department:, or Lake County Stormwater Management