About Us

Our Mission

The Wildwood Park District serves our community by providing enriching and affordable recreational programs, events, and facilities that promote community building, and health and wellness. The Wildwood Park District also protects our natural resources, parks, and lakes through conservation and preservation initiatives. The safety of our residents, visitors, employees, parks, and facilities is our top priority, and the Wildwood Park District minimizes risks through our Park Safety Staff, comprehensive safety efforts, and partnerships with local law enforcement agencies.


Our Vision

The Wildwood Park District is committed to continuous improvement and aspires to exceed the needs of our community through a collaborative, innovative, and sustainable approach. We strive to maintain and preserve the beauty and functionality of our parks, lakes and shorelines, amenities, and facilities for current and future generations to enjoy.

Core Values

Family-Centric: Our top priority is to welcome children and families into our parks, programs, and events and provide a fun, safe, and family-friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Equal Opportunity: Our goal is to provide excellent recreation opportunities for the entire community. We ensure that every individual is treated fairly and has the opportunity to participate in Wildwood Park District offerings regardless of individual disability or hardship. Therefore, we provide limited and budgeted financial assistance through our Scholarship Program to Wildwood Residents who are interested in participating in select recreation programs but are unable to do so due to financial difficulties. We comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in our program structures along with our current and future park and greenspace planning. We partner with Warren Special Recreation Association (WSRA) to help provide ALL individuals the resources to participate in Park District programming to their full abilities.

Sustainability: We use our capital to renew and maintain infrastructure of current facilities and park equipment, and for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources, parks, and lakes. The Wildwood Park District utilizes our in-house maintenance team for most on-going improvements and upkeep of parks and facilities but will outsource and/or collaborate with district affiliates and outside organizations when needed.

Communication: We are committed to staying connected with our community. We do this through raising public awareness of Park District programs, events, and initiatives. Additionally, we prioritize internal communication best practices to ensure effective information sharing and collaboration between Park District employees and their departments.

Transparency: Transparency with our community is something the Wildwood Park District is passionate about. We comply with mandated transparency laws and ensure Park District matters, information, and initiatives are well communicated and readily available, with an emphasis on accountability, openness, ethics, and fiscal responsibility.

Did You Know?

Wildwood is an unincorporated community that is part of Warren Township located in Lake County, Illinois. The Wildwood Park District is responsible for eleven beautiful parks, including four swimming beaches, seven playgrounds, two boat ramps, nine fishing locations, three picnic pavilions, and much more! The Park District also manages Valley Lake and sections of Gages Lake, in conjunction with the Gages Lake Conservation Committee and Illinois Depart of Natural Resources. In addition to the natural recreational activities that our parks and lakes provide, the Wildwood Park District also offers a multitude of year-round special events, clubs, classes, and programs. The Wildwood Park District has a Board of Commissioners, composed of five Wildwood residents, who are elected by residents within the Wildwood Park District boundaries for a six year term of office. See our Wildwood by the Numbers infographic below to learn more about our community!