About Preschool

Our 2023-2024 Preschool Program will run from September 5th to May 17th. The Schoolhouse Adventures Preschool is a developmentally appropriate program for children 3 to 5 years old. We believe children benefit most by being exposed to a variety of information that will build upon their interests and natural curiosity. This program uses a curriculum that includes academic topics such as shapes, colors, number and letter recognition, and more. Our program is designed to integrate social, emotional, physical and academic development to meet the needs of the whole child and better prepare them for Kindergarten. We believe children learn best through sensory, hands-on activities that encourage real life situations and problem solving. Some of the areas we will explore include nature, math, science, creative art and music, walking excursions, outdoor play and a variety of interest-based themes.

At Schoolhouse Adventures Preschool we view a child’s play as their work. Playing provides opportunities to explore and make sense of the world around them. We provide various “centers” both inside and outside where children gain self-confidence and independence as they find success at their choice of activities. These centers include art, blocks, dramatic play, reading, science and math and manipulative skills. We provide a safe environment for children to socialize and learn together.

We set the following standards to prepare your child for a smooth transition into kindergarten: talk in complete sentences, sit and listen, gross motor skills, catch and throw, follow one to two step directions and fine motor skills such as cutting on a line and trying to print their name. The alphabet and numbers will be taught throughout the year as well. Our goal regarding the alphabet is to have recognition of the letters and sounds to the best of our ability. Although this is our goal, we would never discourage the natural curiosity of the children while learning the letters of the alphabet.

We believe each child is an individual whose ideas deserve respect and support from his/her peers and teachers. We encourage children to express their own opinion, follow their curiosity (within safe limits) and develop at their own pace.

Children and staff work cooperatively to set safe guidelines for the classroom. These guidelines will provide a safe learning environment. It is our belief that when children participate in the rule making process they develop a sense of ownership and community in their classroom.

Our overriding goal at Schoolhouse Adventures Preschool is to provide your child with a positive environment that is filled with great friends and fun activities. We believe that with these things come independence and positive self-esteem.

To secure your spot in the Preschool Program please visit the Park District office and submit your completed Registration Forms.

If you have any questions please call our main office at 847.223.7275.

The Schoolhouse Adventures Community Preschool is located inside the Wildwood Park District Rule House.

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