Financial Assistance for Recreation Programs

Our goal is to provide excellent recreation opportunities for the entire community. The Wildwood District provides financial assistance/scholarships to Wildwood residents who are interested in enrolling in a Park District program, but unable to do so due to financial hardships. Based on availability of funds, the Park District will attempt to provide financial assistance to those who qualify based on the eligibility requirements. Financial assistance will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis based on need as well as availability of funds. Wildwood Park District reserves the right to approve full or partial assistance or deny an applicant’s request.

*Please note: the new Scholarship Program and Scholarship Program Policy below will begin on May 1, 2024, with the start of the new fiscal year as 2023 scholarship funds have already been awarded in full.

Please submit all completed applications to or drop off at our office (front desk during regular business hours, or mail slot after hours) at 33325 N. Sears Blvd., Wildwood, IL 60030.

If you have further questions regarding this financial assistance program please contact the office at 847.223.7275 or