Park Safety’s Letter to the Community

Dear Wildwood Residents,

The summer months are upon us, and we expect our parks in the Wildwood Park District (WPD) to be even busier this season. We can’t wait for you to explore the added variety of new and exciting features to multiple of our parks!

Wildwood Park District is responsible for eleven parks, in which we tend to multiple beaches, playgrounds, grilling areas, and much more. The WPD also manages Valley Lake and sections of Gages Lake. Sunset Park and Pebble Beach Park both have boat ramp launches and beach areas, leading to their increased traffic in the summer months.

Vehicle parking is very limited at all parks. Parking in designated park parking spots is reserved for Wildwood Residents who have obtained a current 2023-2024 parking sticker issued by the Wildwood Park District Office (located at 33325 N. Sears Boulevard). Non-Resident guests can purchase “Temporary” daily parking passes for a single day use for $10.00 per car. These temporary passes are only valid for one park per day.

Wildwood Park District Safety Staff work as ambassadors of the Park District and its Ordinances and Rules associated with parking, boat launch operation, and activity in the parks themselves. Park Safety Staff are part-time, seasonal employees and are scheduled during the anticipated peak operating hours of the parks. The schedule dictates having one Safety Staff employee 6-7 hours per shift per day to patrol all parks (2pm-8pm or 3pm-9pm); and Boat Ramp Monitor Staff at Pebble Beach Park & Sunset Beach Park 6 hours per shift on Friday (11am-5pm), Saturday (9am-3pm), and Sunday (9am-3pm), plus holiday weekends as needed.

Our Staff work to assure compliance with all Wildwood Park District Park Ordinances and parking requirements. Staff will direct actions to move the vehicles that do not belong and issue warnings. As circumstances dictate, Staff will take the necessary action to tow any vehicles that violate the posted parking signage after an initial warning and/or refusal to remove the vehicle when asked.

At peak hours, cars may attempt to park on the street for overflow parking. This often results in fire hydrants and driveways being blocked, streets being clogged with parked vehicles, and intersections and traffic control devices being visually obscured. While we may ask, Wildwood Park District Safety Staff cannot enforce any actions against the respective car and driver, as the public right of way roads are Warren Township Highway Department Property. However, Park District Safety Staff do take action in notifying the Lake County Sheriff’s Office to respond and address those violations (should any blockage of fire hydrants, driveways, Stop Signs, or No Parking Signs occur on the street or park property).

We encourage all Wildwood Residents to obtain a free current-year parking sticker. The sticker can be obtained at the Wildwood Park District Office at 33325 N. Sears Boulevard. Office hours are

Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:00pm as well as the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month 9:00am-12:30pm

May-August. The current 2023-2024 Resident Parking sticker is valid through December 31, 2024. The sticker should be affixed to the inner windshield passenger side at dashboard level for our Staff to clearly see while on patrol.

We also encourage Residents to assist in ensuring our Wildwood Park District Parks remain safe and people abide by the Ordinances and Rules. If you SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING. Communicate to the Park District Office by calling 847.223.7275, or Text Park Safety at 847.309.1478. For violations that require a law enforcement response, please contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 847.549.5200. For any further questions or concerns pertaining to street parking, please direct calls and questions to the Warren Township Highway Department at 847.244.1101 ext. *301.




Jarod Hawksworth

Park Safety Coordinator

Wildwood Park District