The Wildwood Park District and Wildwood Garden Club are partnering together to invite resident gardeners to submit photos of their home gardens for the first ever Gardens of Wildwood Showcase. Photos will be posted on display on the Wildwood Park District website, social media, and monthly e-newsletter in an effort to recognize homeowners who have made their yards especially attractive. Our mission is to promote community bonding and neighborliness, an interest in gardening, to beautify the streetscape and landscape of our community, and improve the overall wellbeing of our residents through the many health benefits of gardening (stress reduction, physical exercise, improved blood circulation, vitamin d, and more).

How It Works

The showcase will be ongoing and entries will be accepted from June 1st through September 15th as we recognize that gardens will change throughout the growing season. We welcome vegetable and herb, flower, and/or ornamental plant gardens, whether they’re in the ground or in containers. Gardens should be created, tended to, and maintained by the homeowner(s) and not by any lawn care or landscaping professionals.

At the conclusion of the showcase in September, the Wildwood Park District and Wildwood Garden Club will follow up with participants to gather their best gardening tips and advice. We will then share with everyone in an effort to spread the knowledge and become better gardeners!

How to Enter

Residents may submit their own gardens, or you may nominate a home garden in the neighborhood that is not your own that you admire and feel deserves recognition. To enter yourself or to nominate a neighbor in the showcase, please complete the submission form below and email photos to


Yes. The Gardens of Wildwood Showcase is for Wildwood residents only.

While we appreciate indoor gardening just the same, the Gardens of Wildwood Showcase is intended for outdoor gardens only so residents can view them while out and about, and to support our mission of beautifying the streetscape and landscape of our community.

Please fill out the submission form below, and email photos to

Yes! You will still need to fill out a submission form and email photos to

There are no prizes for the showcase as this is not a competition but a recognition. Participants photos will be showcased on the Wildwood Park District’s website, social media pages, and in the monthly e-newsletter.




Garden Submissions

1. Joan Hammel- 18837 W. Deerpath Rd.















2. George Giese- 33350 N. Sears Blvd.


3. Carroll Flood- 33402 N. Lone Rock Rd.

4. Jo and Jeff Mazurek-17794 W. Winnebago Dr. (Nominated by Donna Anhalt-Straka)

5. Bob and Tammy- 33459 N. Lake Shore Dr. (Nominated by Donna Anhalt-Straka)

6. Alice and Cole Sheldon- 33447 N. Lakeview Ct.

7. Georgette Parmelee- 33172 N. Cove Rd.

8. Barb and Todd Schara- 33494 N. Lake Shore Dr. (Nominated by Donna Anhalt-Straka)