Gages Lake Weed Treatment

May 20th, 2024


The Gages Lake Conservation Committee has contracted TIGRIS, a lake, pond, wetland, and stormwater solutions provider, to treat Gages Lake for weeds on Thursday, May 23rd. TIGRIS will be treating 26.9 acres of Gages Lake, plus 3.6 acres of private shoreline, for a total of 30.4 acres. Weeds (Eurasian Water Milfoil, an invasive species) will be treated with flumioxazin, which will provide rapid results within about 7-14 days. TIGRIS will schedule a follow up survey in approximately 30 days to monitor the results of the application and discuss a potential second application, if needed.

The Wildwood Park District is a monetary contributor to the Gages Lake weed treatment to ensure Park District areas of the lake are included in the treatment plan. Park District target areas focus on the channel (where three Wildwood Park District parks are located on small channel coves), as well as Willow Point Park cove, Pebble Beach Park cove (to clear the boat ramp area of weeds), and Sunset Park (to clear boat ramp area of weeds). The majority of remaining marked treatment zones on the map below are boating lanes.


There will be an irrigation restriction following the treatment application. Residents that use lake water for watering should wait up to 5 days after treatment before watering. Actual restriction times are 2 days irrigation restriction for turf and landscaping and 5 days for ornamentals. There are NO swimming restrictions.

The Gages Lake Conservation Committee will be handing out notice flyers to lakefront homeowners around the lake and channel this week.


Below is a map of the targeted treatment zones. The colors mean the following: 1) Red: areas of high aquatic plant concentration in boating lanes; 2) Blue: relatively open and clear areas of plant concentration; and 3) Green: moderate aquatic plant concentration.


Questions regarding Gages Lake weed treatment can be directed to the Gages Lake Conservation Committee. They can be contacted via:

Private homeowners who would like to have their immediate property shoreline professionally treated can individually contract with and pay TIGRIS and will need to reach out to TIGRIS directly. Homeowners can email the Gages Lake Conservation Committee ( or the Wildwood Park District ( to obtain the contact information.