Community Needs Assessment Survey

Dear Wildwood Residents,

The Wildwood Park District (WPD) serves our community by providing enriching and affordable recreational programs, events, and facilities that promote community building, and health and wellness. The WPD also protects our natural resources, parks, and lakes through conservation and preservation initiatives. We are committed to continuous improvement and aspire to exceed the needs of our community through a collaborative, innovative, and sustainable approach. We strive to maintain and preserve the beauty and functionality of our parks, lakes and shorelines, amenities, and facilities for current and future generations to enjoy. As part of this commitment, the WPD relies heavily on feedback from our residents in order for us to build upon existing efforts by identifying strengths, areas of improvement, needs within the community, and otherwise gather ideas, interests, and opinions from our residents.

We invite you to be part of our continuous improvement strategy process by participating in the “Community Needs Assessment Survey”. The survey is completely anonymous and does not collect any identifying information. You should be able to complete this survey in about 10 minutes. Your participation will directly help the Wildwood community and WPD by identifying the communities needs and interests. The survey aims to address all WPD areas of operations, including Parks, Recreation (programs, preschool, and special events), Administration, Maintenance, Marketing, and Park Safety.

We sincerely thank you for your time and feedback, as it is vital to the WPD’s continuous improvement and fulfilling our mission and vision.

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