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Intro to T-Ball (Ages 4-6)


Our T-Ball program provides boys and girls with the opportunity to learn fundamentals of America‚Äôs past time in a fun and relaxed environment. Children will utilize tees and soft rubber balls for play. Rules of the game and instructions will be emphasized. First week will be basic instruction, then children will be split into teams and games will begin on week two. The program will meet at Willow Point Park twice a week for four weeks. A fielding glove and water bottle is required at all classes.  Ages 4-6



Dates          Days                Time                     R/NR Fee         Class ID#     Location                       Instructor

7/8-7/29     M,W         5:30pm-6:20pm         $41/$49            2021.22.01      Willow Point Park         Wildwood Park District Staff


Winter/Spring 2020 Office Hours:

Monday -  Friday 9:30am to 4:00pm














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